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Solvent Extraction Plant
Solvent Extraction Plants are utilized for extracting the oil from seeds. They are functional as the safest extraction forms and are functional as the highly advanced methods. They are needed to extract the pre-pressed oil cakes.
Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant
Vegetable Oil Refinery Plants are suited for refining as well as cleaning several types of oils which are required to be extracted from vegetables. The plants are of latest techniques and modish technology.
Pressure Leaf Filters
Pressure Leaf Filters are accessible for giving a screening surface to which a filter assistance is utilized. These filters are accessible with a proven, economic and dependable cake filtration solution for fluids with high solid loads. They have small footprint.
Lecithin Plant
Lecithin Plants are the oil extraction plants, known for constant operation as well as high flow rate. They are effectively manufactured by making use of high-end technology as well as premium quality components. 
Edible Oil Refinery
The Edible Oil Refinery is capable to take out the unwanted constituents and are made to refine and process several types of oils. They are of durable structure, as they are made from aluminum and steel.
Storage Tanks
The Storage tanks we deal in are the industrial solutions, which are used across several applications where water or other fluids are required to be stored for quick access.
Industrial Condensers
The Industrial condensers are widely utilized units in different industries such as chemical, boilers, gas pipelines, etc. They are used to exchange heat from heating to cooling and vice versa.
Extraction Plants And Machinery
Extraction Plants And Machinery are required for the efficient extraction as well as concentration of assorted active elements of laboratory plants. These plants are of multi-function stages such as seepage extraction, vacuum low-temperature intensity, heat reflux extraction, vacuum low-temperature extraction, and others.
Heat Exchanger
Heat exchangers are the systems, required to transmit heat between two or more than two fluids. They have utility in both cooling as well as heating methods. Gas, liquids and vapors are the mediums through which they work.
Reaction Vessels
The Reaction Vessels are the industrial containers, which are used for carrying out assorted chemical reactions such as esterification etherifciation, hydrolysis, condensation, hydration, oxidation, polymerization, etc.
Deodorizing Plant
Deodorizing Plants are used to remove volatile content of edible oil under controlled temperature range. These plants play pivotal role in eradication of contaminants of oil without affecting its nutrients level.  Low operating cost and hygienic operating method are some of the key aspects of these plants.
Centrifugal Separator
Centrifugal Separators are used for effective separation of different compounds under centrifugal, gravitational and mechanical forces. Offered range of industrial equipments is useful for liquid-liquid suspension, liquid solid mixture and gas solid mixture separation purpose.
Cocoa Butter Deodorizer Machine
Stainless steel made Cocoa Butter Deodorizer Machines are well known for their PLC controlled mechanism that helps to maintain their functional accuracy. These systems have built in fatty acid scrubbing arrangement and atomization function. Long working life and low maintenance design are some of the main aspects of these machines.
Bakery Shortening -Margarine
Bakery Shortening Margarines are used as essential ingredients for producing confectionery products. Offered margarines are useful to avoid cross linking of gluten in order to prevent elasticity of dough. Offered range of margarines are well known for their hygienic processing method.

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